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Social Media Integration

"The best 'advertising' is the one that your customers doing"Mutual communication is the best usefull part of using socia medias. Creating "brand loyalty" and keeping direct connection with customers in most speedy and permanent way as we call it "Dialogue" between brand and customers. With this classic communication approach you easily solve the problems of being "have to" get return from your customers. Targettet mass and potential customers dont like one way communication and with social media this is what you breaking completely, you'll be able to open proper high quality "Dialogue" with your customers.

Social media is the one of the most important internet channel that can give clear idea about how to use opportunities in our business, way to reach millions of users with advertising model. Its a must to think Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and Friendfeed as part of your brand's identitiy.

  • Opening corporational social media accounts of your company,
  • 10 different popular social media accounts,
  • Integration of your social media accounts with your web site,
  • Publishing simultanously all your news - announcements in your web site with all of your social media accounts,
  • Updating all your social media accounts simultanously...

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