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Rising in Alexa

Alexa is a counter and information collector website which belongs to Amazon Company with support of many loyal users and followers. Alexa score is given by users who using Alexa toolbar and giving comments / points to sites that they are visiting. It's working mechanism logic is simplt indexing whole websites of the world in a ranking system with a numerical order. This indexing list will be one of the most important value for companies who gonna advertise on sites. Specially for affiliate systems and systems that collecting members are taking care of Alexa score.

Advantages of having an High Alexa Rank:

  • Increases value of a domain: Higher ranked domains are easily selling n higher prices.
  • Increases value of a Web Site: With giher Alexa score, the product or service you giving will be more popular and get higher sale stats rather than competitors.
  • Attracts advertisers: With higher Alexa score, you will take attraction of advertisement giver companies that let you earn more money from publishing advertisements of them. This includes blog sites also.
  • Increases Popularity of Web Site: Other bloggers will put your blog as a link to their blogs to use your popularity, which will bring you more return rather than them as popularity again.

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