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Internet Advertising Policy

Due to our Advertising policy, we do not involve with any of sector that listed below with any kind of advertising model or medium. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Natural Sexual performance medicines which not approved by Ministry of Health.
  • Natural food assitances which not aproved by Ministry of Health.
  • Any kind of website that sells any kind of illness cures which not approved by Ministry of Health.
  • Products that harmful to health of society that thread is detected by related institutions.
  • Sites that about abortion or demonstrating abortion.
  • Companies or individuals that selling mobile phone credits which not legalised GSM operators.
  • Web Sites related to psychic.
  • Web Sites that making sweepstakes or campaigns that are not allowed by National Lottery.
  • Web Sites that has generally negative commented by public opinion.
  • Web Sites that betting to give miraculous treatments which not related with any official health institute.
  • Web Sites that trying to collect financial support or donation which not permitted by legal institutions.
  • Web Sites that opening automatic Pop-up's while entering or quiting from web site.
  • Online Betting and Gambling sites.
  • Web Sites that aiming to collect personal data or buying personal datas from others.
  • Web Sites that selling pirate, copy, imitation, clone or fake products.
  • Web Sites that helping to copy or release material which protected by copyright.
  • Web Sites that selling tobacco, cigar, puro or alternative products.
  • Web Sites that selling illegal product or service.
  • Web Sites that servicing or demonstrating erotic massage.

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