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Google Display Network

It's an advertising model that creates platform to publish thousands of websites which working cooperated with Google to support your Text, Image and Video formatted advertising campaigns.

  • Pairing your Google Adverts with web-sites and mobile applications automatically.
  • Wide targetting options,
  • Advertising in Gmail Accounts, Youtube, Google Financial and Blogger platforms,
  • Wider customer base,
  • Taking customers interest with text, image, video or rich media formats,
  • Targetting location, web-site or sector based sites,
  • Reaching %83 of internet users,
  • Banner advertising in any site you want with any budget,
  • Increasing Brand awareness,
  • Creating customer dependency,
  • More product and service sale,
  • Detailed reporting...

Example: Your business industry is selling construction materials, via using Google Display Network, you can publish your adverts directly in construction companies websites, so your targeted market customers will immediately get information about your advertisement.

Advertising Formats:

Google Display Network advertising formats:

  • Textual Adverts
  • Image Adverts - includes photos or drawings.
  • Rich Media Adverts - includes animations or other type animated images.
  • Video Adverts

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