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What is Corporational Facebook Page?

It's a web page that allows corporations to advertise theirselves inside Facebook. You can leave standard facebook pages, and increase your customer portolio with visual / textual information of your products and services over Corporational Facebook page. içerisinde kurumlaryn kendilerini tanytmalaryna olanak veren web sayfalarydyr.

Why you need to settle Corporational Facebook Page?

  • Facebook's leadership in every country as social meeting platform application is known by every single company all around the world.
  • You can keep in touch and get feedback from your customers directly via Facebook page without breaking corporational identitiy / logo rules of your company.
  • You can give possibilty to get advertised via your own customers, as everyone know that "friend suggestion" is the best way of building trust between customer and service / product.
  • You can keep live datas and increase your corporational identity via integration of your web site and Facebook page.

Additional Advantages...

  • 0 Cost advertising opportunity.
  • Kurumsal Facebook Sayfasy size bir domain ( alan ady ) almanyzy sa?lar.
  • Kurumsal Facebook Sayfasy için aylyk veya yyllyk hosting, alan ady ücreti yoktur.
  • Kurumsal Facebook Sayfasy Google aramalarynda üst syralara çykmanyza yardymcy olur.

What else you can do with your Corporational Facebook Page?

  • Personalisation of your page picture,
  • Creating special pages,
  • Using videos and images,
  • Content planning option,
  • Invite friends,
  • Measure and Analysis...

We assist you to design your Corporational Facebook Page, to make you use advantages of Facebook Pages for with quality and high user community.

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