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Facebook Advertising

  • Opportunity to reach 800 million potantial customer,
  • Determine to your target mass with categories of location, age, interests etc.,
  • Basic visual and text based advertisings, with support of 135 character text,
  • Creating a group related to your productor service,
  • Controlling and ability to set daily budget,
  • Ability to choose special details while targeting customers,
  • Option to pick when you gonna pay, upto peoples click your advert or upto view number,
  • Ability to watch and measure performance of your advertisement,
  • Selecting profiles which will see your advertising upto cities or specific personal properties,
  • Ability to watch your advertisement performance with PPC Edge control panel,
  • Creating loyal customer mass around your brand via Facebook,
  • Geographical location setting for local companies...


Everyone loves Facebook, "because everyone loves sharing and having conversation" Within a short time, Facebook became biggest social network over the world with approximately 1 billion registered user. Your most potential customers are spending 6 hours of their every day in with Facebook, many companies started to use this potential already.

Social trading already became one of the highest trends of nowadays, and Facebook is one of leaders in this trend.

One of the main reasons of success of Facebook is, keeping advantage of targeting mass customers with high efficiency. With that system you can demonstrate your product or service to your target in most efficient way with high speed and direct feedback. You can increase brand loyalty and brand identity quality with your Facebook project, creating group or success of demographic targeting method.

For local companies, Facebook advertising model is much more economical rather than other advert mediums.

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